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    piyano melodisiyle öne çıkan katatonia parçası, dead end kings albümünden. jonas renkse'nin buğulu sesi de eklenince tadından yenmiyor. özellikle "keep belonging to, what's not even here" dizesi çok vurucu...


    So solitary
    You have been
    Your time starts to fade
    Distorted sky
    And you find me
    Revolve inside
    My blood is yours too
    That's what you say
    It couldn't be further from the truth
    I find
    The soul in medication
    All my loving has turned and washed away
    You took my mind's eye
    You bring it wherever you go
    How could you take away
    The burning I had
    My rage
    The closing line
    Whatever you say
    It's my heart you leech
    You crushed the edge of symmetry
    You are still
    But my words in your mouth
    Spilling over
    I see
    You don't want liberation
    You keep belonging to what's not even here
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